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TIG’s procedures to manage development projects

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Evaluation of project success

TIG uses the following estimates of success to improve the objectivity of evaluation of project success:

• estimates focused on the execution and closing of the contract between the customer and the contractor : “The project is successful if carried out in accordance with the established criteria: volume, timeline and quality”;

• estimates focused on the customer and not only targeted towards activities under a single contract/project, but also towards the company's long-term cooperation with the customer: “The project is successful if the customer is satisfied”. The emphasis is on the continued cooperation between the contractor and the customer in future projects;

• balanced estimates: “The project is successful if there is a balance of the customer’s and the company’s interests, the project is targeted towards meeting user requirements, achieves technological maturity and provides payback”. The emphasis is on technological and financial success of the project, as well as on satisfaction of the customer and users.

MSF-based project management procedures

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), developed by Microsoft, is used by TIG as a methodology for delivering IT-projects. MSF represents each phase of the project as:

• Planning;

• Developing;

• Stabilizing;

• Deploying.

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