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TIG’s products and services in the field of socio-economic and transport research

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Research in socio-economic development of regions and cities:

• analysis of socio-economic development levels of regions and cities;

• assessment of the competitiveness of regions and cities on a regional, national and international basis;

• assessment of the investment potential of regions and cities;

• SWOT-analysis of socio-economic development of regions and cities;

• medium and long-term forecasts of socio-economic development of regions and cities.

Research in the development of the transport sector:

• systematic research of the competitiveness of transport companies in the context of Russia’s accession to the WTO;

• marketing research for industrial commodity markets and the market of transport and logistics services;

• analysis of accessibility levels of locations;

• operational analysis of external, urban and suburban public transit services, assessment of their competitiveness;

• route network analysis and assessment of the quality of public transport services for regions and cities;

• analysis of transportation tariffs, development of new tariff schedules and fare systems;

• operational, financial and economic audit of transport companies.

Research in the development of the road sector:

• marketing research for the market of road-building materials;

• project performance evaluation for construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads and structures;

• evaluation of road network development in regions and cities;

• evaluation of road facility development;

• analysis of road accident rates, identification of accident clusters and development of appropriate accident countermeasures;

• analysis of check-weight systems on regional roads and recommendations to improve of their performance;

• operational, financial and economic audit of road companies.

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