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Продукты и услуги для транспортного комплекса и дорожного хозяйства РФ



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TIG’s member companies develop software and hardware for the transport industry using open sources and standard communications protocols.

TIG’s member companies develop pre-investment studies, business plans and documentation packages for different types of PPP-based projects.

TIG’s member companies successfully conduct research for the transport sector of the Russian Federation.

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TIG’s products and services

TIG’s products and services


Project management


TIG’s member companies regard modeling of transport systems as a necessity and evidence to support their management decisions.

TIG’s member companies carry out design and development work at the stages “Design” and “Detailed documentation” to create intelligent transportation systems of various scales.

TIG’s member companies manage projects for the creation of intelligent transportation systems and their components.

TIG’s products and services in the field

TIG’s products and services in the field

TIG’s procedures to manage

TIG’s procedures to manage

TIG’s products and services

TIG’s products and services


Software to model urban, regional and national transport systems which makes it possible to forecast travel times, plan transit services and conduct economic and environmental research.



An ideal software product to provide strategic planning for multimodal freight transportation.

Perfectly suits for modeling international transport corridors.

Software to provide traffic simulation for urban road networks. Intended for traffic engineers engaged in implementation of traffic management schemes involving traffic signals.