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Specialized process control software (SPCS) is implemented using the functions of the families of POSIX and SYS-V standards which enable migration of the software to most UNIX/LUNIX operating systems and, if necessary, to various hardware platforms.

SPCS incorporates its own parallel application management environment which allows application programmers to complete the following tasks easily:

maintain a single event log for all SPCS processes that is used for application software debugging and real-time operation;

ensure high reliability of the system through periodic checks of the application process state and, if necessary, correcting actions such as forced process termination or re-start;

ensure high performance of the system through parallelization and reduced percentage of hardware downtime;

monitoring of the time of interaction between parallel processes through dialog messages.

Application software is developed using C/C++ programming language.

Computing process organization in SPCS

Computing process organization in SPCS involves a communications protocol (digital rules, actions, and agreed data structures) for information exchange between SPCS components which allows the unification of:

a process to develop software for future functional applications based on the chosen software and hardware platform;

a process to develop functional programs to increase SPCS functionality;

a process to debug SPCS and software to be used for future functional applications based on the chosen software and hardware platform. .

Fig. 1. SPCS general application process

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